When the sky is the limit, everything becomes possible

Think of us as your guide through the maze of life’s complexities, when your life involves different time zones, domiciles and international travel.  Then you can focus on the things that count, whether that’s your family, relationships, career or new adventures.

Breaking boundaries

There’s a whole package of benefits already included in your membership when you join the Life Porters community (take a look at the full list on the Join page) but alongside we can facilitate any other request through our 365 lifestyle-management concierge service, connecting you to the specialist services you need.   Some examples of the most common areas where we can help you are included here, but if there’s something else that isn’t listed, just ask.

Quality assured

The internet is an infinite source of information, product suppliers and service providers: but it’s not easy to identify the trusted and reliable among so many. For an expat, it can be even harder –  at a distance, out of local networks, and maybe a different time zone.  Life Porters cuts out the researching, validating and liaising, by offering members a one-stop route to quality assured providers.

how it works

Giving you access to specialist knowledge, personal guidance and lifestyle issues management

Getting to know you

Your membership starts with a personal asset, family and lifestyle review, to identify where specialist input may be needed, now and in the months ahead.

We revisit each year to reflect any change in circumstances and to identify where further support or advice is needed.  Our aim is to keep all aspects of your life in balance, whether keeping you updated on the implications of new legislation or to identify important life events coming up.

Professional and specialist support

Where necessary, we match verified suppliers to the needs identified during your personal review.  You decide if you wish to deal direct, or we can take your instructions and manage the relationship on your behalf.

Concierge-style lifestyle management

Every member has access to our lifestyle management services whenever they need, via our member portal or by phone, WhatsApp, email, messenger or however you choose to communicate.  We will facilitate requests on your behalf, such as organising a birthday present for delivery in the UK, or commissioning specialist services, whether you need an an interior designer, education consultant or life coach.

Focused guidance and support

Your subscription also includes access to a range of essential guidance and support services, such as legal helpline, online healthcare, annual reviews from fitness, career and relationship professionals, preferential rates for currency transactions, through to a hosted UK postal address and mail management. (See the list on the Join page.)

Special packages are also available, such as for university students coming to the UK which includes accommodation search, expense management, and a pastoral care package.

Financial safeguarding

With long-distance transactions, both sides need to be sure that payment on the contract will be problem free. The buyer needs to be happy that everything has been delivered before making payment.  The supplier needs to be confident that payment will be made on the agreed terms.

Payment at the time of ordering is usually suitable for smaller purchases, but when it comes to larger, more complex transactions, and those taking place over time, members of Life Porters can access escrow facilities through our partnership with an FCA-regulated, HMRC-registered provider.  This allows for confident negotiating by giving reassurance to both sides; the contract price or instalment is transferred into the escrow account when the contract is agreed and held until the buyer confirms completion or delivery.

portering reflections

No one wants to think about their parents not being able to cope.  When you can’t even drop by, it’s doubly hard.  It was a huge relief knowing specialist care was in place, and all the necessary legal paperwork to manage things.  I had no idea what was needed.”

“We may live in a global economy, but it’s getting harder and harder to find financial solutions when you live in a different country.  There are so many restrictions on what accounts or lending you can access.  You need to tap into specialist knowledge these days.”

“It sounded simple – just find a tutor online.  But it’s a minefield.  It’s so hard to check their references or that they really know the curriculum. Having access to an education consultant, who came up with a shortlist of validated professionals was great.”

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