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Included with your membership is an annual review of your assets, your banking arrangements and and mortgage lending, each undertaken by a relevant specialist.  Also included is year-round access to preferential foreign currency exchange rates.

You can also commission one of our financial specialists to support you at any time when issues arise, including any recommendations from your annual review.

Financial and accountancy planning from accountants and investment advisers is tied closely to legal review, to ensure you get a balanced picture of all the implications and your options going forward.  This can range from options for investment while overseas to how to pay into your pension, or the impact of new tax rules for expat landlords, through to dealing with banks changing their policy on international account holders.

As well as keeping you updated and planning ahead through your annual reviews, we can organise for the right specialist to handle any other matters arising day-to-day, from checking documents before submission to HMRC, through full accounting and tax reporting, to guiding on the tax implications of property purchase.