Hello and welcome

We're here to help expats, world travellers and busy professionals get the most from life overseas.
Our lifestyle management concierge services help you manage the UK life you leave behind, with specialist knowledge and support to tackle the legal, financial, family and career issues most likely to affect you and your personal wellbeing while you are away.
We are with you throughout your journey – helping you prepare to leave, taking the strain while you are away, right through to supporting your return. And if you’re already overseas, we can hop on board any time.

The right mix

We’re your trusted adviser and source of everything to make you feel better when you wake each day.  There’s a dash of your best friend, a sprinkle of your therapist, a squeeze of your mother, a twist of your personal PR guru and a big dollop of very efficient PA, all backed up with specialist professional knowledge.  Think of us as your wellbeing warrior: always on your side, fighting to make your life better.

Like magic

Becoming a member gives you access to our unique lifestyle management concierge services, all designed to match the life you lead, as an expat, global traveller or busy professional.  First, we get to know all about you, so your personal porter can help you identify and manage all the support you need, drawing in quality-assured, price-checked professionals and specialists as needed.

Freedom pass

Typical concierge services focus on getting you into the right restaurant or front row at events, but we are all about helping you tackle the personal tasks that hold you back or keep you awake at night.  When you know your life is in order, it's easier to enjoy yourself and live every day to the utmost.  And of course we can introduce you to the best front-row facilitators whenever you want.

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