Simplifying life back home - wherever you are and whoever is on the journey

Lack of time to manage our increasingly complex personal lives creates stress and keeps us from enjoying the things that matter.  Buy some happy time for yourself by letting Life Porters take the strain.


Life Porters has been designed to reduce the stresses of global living, by helping everyone to better manage the life they leave back home.

Whether the move overseas is a personal choice or a company move, too often the focus is all on adjustment at the destination.  That’s vital, but may overlook the support needed to get your affairs in order before leaving and managing ongoing family, property and other responsibilities back home while away.

By providing guidance and support for family and personal affairs in the UK from the outset, relocating overseas has the best chance of success.  And once things are set up, Life Porters will be standing in your shoes, doing the things you can’t do while you’re away, right through to supporting your repatriation when it’s time to return.

Putting a price on happiness

Our incomes may rise and our lifestyles may become more comfortable, but whatever our financial wellbeing, the big malaise of modern life is the lack of time available to manage our increasingly complex personal lives, and the competing demands of household, family and friends.

This pressure can undermine our personal, and even physical, wellbeing if it leads to stress.

Research has shown that people who outsource their personal tasks and responsibilities are happier than those who simply spend money on material products.

Joining the Life Porters community allows you to solve complex issues, or offload dreary tasks, so you can focus on what really counts and will make you smile.

Buying time promotes happiness : Whillans et al

portering reflections

“Offloading so much relocation donkey work meant I could pull back and concentrate on what really mattered to me.  I didn’t even know how to tackle some things, but just didn’t want the burden of others.”

“Dealing with the logistics of moving our much loved dog to Canada with us was almost the final straw.  It may sound ridiculous, but finding we didn’t need to become experts in pet transport was such a relief.”

“I avoided a significant tax bill by having someone checking and explaining how different decisions I take may affect my tax and legal position, now and in the future.  Before, I just went blind.”

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