Helping you master life's maze

When we take care of you and your family, we draw on knowledge and expertise accumulated through decades of community-building and professional services delivery.

our story

Life Porters was the outcome of a series of conversations.  Friends, family and colleagues told stories of needing support to manage daily life, because they were in a different country, maybe in a different time zone, or because their life as busy professionals meant there simply weren’t enough hours in the day to deal with the everyday. The response from Life Porters founder Maggie Taylor was to draw together the specialists and services needed to create a one-stop solution.

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our values

Pushing boundaries and ourselves to deliver more.

At the heart of everything, we are focused on the well-being of every member, with a commitment to treating everyone with respect and as an individual.

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our approach

We bring decades of experience in creating and nurturing award-winning communities and networks. In Life Porters, we have created a hub of collaborative support to deliver personalised, focused outcomes for each member of our community. And because we are independent, you won’t get any hard sell as we seek out the best solution to help you master the maze of life.

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