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Protectingtodayplanning fortomorrow

Included with your membership is an annual personal and asset check with a specialist, together with year-round access to a legal advice helpline.   

You can also commission one of our legal specialists to support you at any time when issues arise, including any recommendations from your annual review or from the helpline. 

Too often legal and asset advice is provided after the event, when it should be taken into account in the planning stage.  Should you keep your UK property and rent it out? What needs to be in place to ensure family can look after your interests while you are away?  What are the implications of living abroad when it comes to making a will and tax planning?

Your asset review will draw on legal, financial and tax specialist knowledge, a conversation which can identify potential pitfalls and update you on changes in the law, before they become a problem, protecting your interests, and your family, today and tomorrow.

And for the day-to-day, we can arrange for specialists to deal with any legal needs that arise, from documents to be notarised and sent overseas, conveyancing on UK property or managing an eviction for unpaid rent, through to drawing up powers of attorney, guiding on divorce or supporting you through the sad process of handling family bereavement.

If you’re not sure whether you need a lawyer, our legal helpline can help you understand your options on any problems that arise in the UK while you are away.  Where further action is decided, you’ll be guided to a specialist with the right expertise to handle the matter.