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Included with every membership is an annual asset check with specialists to review tax implications and mortgage options on your property, together with property keyholding services. 

You can also commission a specialist to support you, or your family, at any time when property issues arise, including any recommendations from your annual review. 

Property is a big responsibility and needs hands-on management, which is hard when you are overseas.  Whether your home is a castle or a condo, and whether it’s sitting empty or tenanted, we can help you manage and protect your asset, to deal with inspections, maintenance or refurbishment, commissioning interior designers, architects or builders.   Locally-based verified keyholders can be appointed to open up, attend and oversee while viewings, inspections or works are carried out, to provide you with the reassurance that your property is being properly cared for.

If you are looking to buy or sell, we can identify sales agents, or undertake property searches, keeping the connection between all the specialists involved, including lawyers, agents, surveyors, and lenders.  And whether a new purchase, for yourself or as investment, or refinancing an existing property, our contacts give you access to the best specialist, expat mortgage and insurance deals.