Quick hack to protect your property

Reports of conveyancing fraud continue to rise and overseas owners of UK property should take steps…

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COVID tax trapped in UK?

If you are usually non-resident in the UK but found yourself unable to leave following a visit…

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Getting UK documents legalised for use overseas

When you are planning on living or working overseas, you may be asked to provide legalised copies…

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Changes to pet travel between UK and EU

There are new rules for pet travel from 1 January 2021 following the departure of the UK from the…

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Keep on keeping on

Running may be good for more than your fitness according to research by the University of Iowa…

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Do dogs miss us when we’re away?

Neuroscience shows that dogs have memories for humans, according to neuroscientist, psychologist…

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#RichardBranson travelling into space seems nothing compared to #expats stuck away from home unable to see family and friends due to #COVID19 #TravelRestrictions and feeling like they may as well be on Mars #UKexpats
Looking back towards home, what do you miss about the UK? These #expats single out an interesting mix from cold weather and open fires through to Georgian architecture and sash windows. What about you? #missinghome #ukexpats LifePorters photo
England or Scotland? Football fans around the world await tonight's stand-off between the two nations. #expat #euro2020
Young #UKexpats will be able to stay for three years in #Australia without the traditional farmworking commitment following new UK/Australia trade deal.
LifePorters photo
#expats in #Kuwait hope to hear they can get in and out of the country once more with a meeting of the National Health Committee scheduled for Sunday 6 June to discuss reopening international travel to foreigners.