Being far from friends and family may seem a challenge whether you’re a permanent expat or temporary digital nomad.  Thinker and author Matthew Syed has been exploring the theme of friendship on his BBC radio programme, looking at how we can maintain those all-important connections through life.

He is joined by anthropologist Professor Robin Dunbar who explains that when we seek out friends we go looking with a pre-programmed personal checklist. Building on Dunbar’s Number, the theory that each of us has 150 meaningful relationships, the Emeritus Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at Oxford University, describes how our friends, family and other connections fit into our circles of friendship.

Thought provoking insights, you can find out more by listening to the episode To Absent Friends

And if you are interested in hearing more of Matthew Syed’s investigations into ideas that shape our lives and may help us see the world differently, visit his programme page on BBC Sounds