Learning for life

Use it or lose it they say, but researchers at the York University have found that foreign language skills may be recalled 50 years later, even though it may not have been spoken…

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Wellbeing by destination

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Love letters across the ocean

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Friends for ever and a day

Being far from friends and family may seem a challenge whether you're a permanent expat or temporary digital nomad.  Thinker and author Matthew Syed has been exploring the theme…

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Finding pet-friendly destinations

If you have much-loved cats or dogs, it may feel like they are part of the family, but travelling to a new destination to live and work may bring you face to face with very…

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Offloading tasks for better days

When you are working and living away from the UK, it can be harder to manage the mundane and easier to allow work to fill the gaps where friends and social activities were…

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