When you are working and living away from the UK, it can be harder to manage the mundane and easier to allow work to fill the gaps where friends and social activities were previously.

A healthy work-life balance can help ensure you feel happy and content across your life, meeting deadlines but having enough down-time to sleep and eat well.  In certain destination, long working hours may be normalised.

But recent research published suggests simple changes can make a massive difference.   The authors argue that work0life balance is a cycle, rather than an objective, and set out a five-step approach :

  1. Pause and denormalize
  2. Pay attention to your emotions
  3. Reprioritise
  4. Consider your alternatives
  5. Implement changes

Read the full article in the Harvard Business Review

And when you do the reprioritisation and consider your alternatives, why not discuss this with your Life Porter and identify some of the ways we can help support your life, taking over some of the tasks that weigh you down.  There’s nothing that can’t be supported, whether managing your admin, getting tax affairs in order, sorting household billing, through to managing Christmas or birthday cards or cataloguing family photographs.