Life Porters was the outcome of a series of conversations

Those conversations - with friends, family and colleagues - told stories of needing support to manage daily life, because they were out of the country in a different time zone, or because their life as busy professionals meant there simply weren’t enough hours in the day to deal with the everyday. The response from Life Porters founder Maggie Taylor was to draw together all the specialists and services needed to create a one-stop solution.

Different time zones

The friend living in Hong Kong who was going through a marriage breakdown and needed emotional support and to understand the implications of their expat status on a potential divorce.

The daughter who was trying to manage both the grieving process and the legal process after her father died, travelling backwards and forwards long haul to deal with the probate and property management.

The expat parents living in Asia who needed to find the right education back home in the UK to enable their child with special needs to live to their full potential, and to plan the career move that would bring them back.

Same challenges

The Australian expat who wanted to head home for a sabbatical to introduce her new baby to family, but needed to organise the life that she would have to leave on ice in the UK, including her much loved dog.

Or the London-based mother, holding down a demanding job and international travel, with no time to plan a holiday, find an au pair, or even book a brunch with a best friend.

Common across all these stories was the challenge of remotely managing family and personal affairs. Most recently, the human tragedy of Covid-19 has escalated these difficulties.

Drawing on this common thread, Maggie could see the need for someone able to step in and take the strain, with the knowledge and expertise to identify and source the different experts and services needed to solve each problem. At the heart, the support would be focused on individual wellbeing, enabling improved quality of life through personalised support to free up time that would otherwise be spent in dealing with difficult and time-consuming issues.

This drew on her experience of creating member-based communities and networks over three decades, together with a background in marketing for clients in professional services, where she had seen that people simply did not know where to start in reaching out for specialist guidance, especially when the issues were emotionally challenging.

Life Porters was born.

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