Alongside our 360° concierge service and supplier sourcing, we include a mix of essential, free-to-access services in your membership package, all designed to keep your life back home in perfect balance.

Personal review

Your membership starts with a personal review for you to share with us those aspects of of career, family, lifestyle, and property that you wish us to support.  As well as helping us get to know you, this can be useful in identifying where specialist input may be needed, now and in the months ahead.

We revisit each year to reflect any change in circumstances and to identify where further support or advice is needed.

Hosted UK address and mailing services … coming soon

Our full hosted in-bound and out-bound mailing and parcel service will be launching in 2023.  For now, you have the option of routing  in-bound and out-bound letter-based correspondence via our main UK address for mail management and physical or electronic forwarding.

Post received on your behalf can be redirected on a regular basis, or opened and scanned so you receive it instantly by electronic transfer.  Post will only be opened by a director of the company and the contents kept in strict confidence.

You can also send us your UK mail digitally for us to print and send on your behalf, or send us a single batch by international mail for us to send out individually on your behalf (a great solution if you have a long Christmas card list).

There is no charge for scanning but postal charges for redirection or for outbound mail in the UK will be charged at cost.

Our hosted services are designed to be more secure and reliable than traditional postal redirection services or virtual address providers, while playing a vital role in helping you maintain supplier and financial arrangements. 

Hosted UK telephone number and call management… new options coming soon

Our full hosted telephone service will be launching early in 2023.  For now, you have the option of directing calls to our main landline number for call management and message taking.

When launched, our hosted number service can be used as the destination for any UK landline or mobile telephone number you wish to retain.  Having a UK telephone number can be invaluable in maintaining UK-based supplies and contacts.  Once the calls reach our switchboard, we will be able to divert all calls to your overseas number, have a voicemail and call recording which you can call in to collect, or we can answer the call on your behalf to take a message.  As well as saving your time and cutting the cost of receiving UK calls overseas, it can help avoid the irritation of being woken by cold callers when you are in a different time zone. Any calls we answer on your behalf would be handled sensitively to avoid revealing your location.

360° concierge services
360° supplier sourcing
Personal audit
Managed UK address and mailing services
Hosted UK number and call management
Preferential FX rates on transactions
Secure keyholding for UK property

Preferential FX rates 

Our relationship with a major currency trading institution enables our members to access currency exchange rates that would not otherwise be available to individuals.  Once your relationship is established, you can connect with your FX account manager directly and confidentially each time you wish to transact.

Secure property key-holding 

We can hold your property keys as the primary key-holder or as an emergency backup.  These are stored securely and only released when signed out by a director of the company who has received prior confirmation from you.  The key-holding can be invaluable when the property is empty, or between tenants or when works are being undertaken, whether we are co-ordinating these as a project, or liaising with your appointed agent or trades.  Where a property needs to be opened for others to view,  inspect or scope, our key-holding services go hand in hand with the vetted personnel provided by our specialist property people partner.